Joint Chinese Limited
Joint Chinese Limited

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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  • Joint Chinese Limited
  • Joint Chinese Limited
  • Joint Chinese Limited
  • Joint Chinese Limited
  • Joint Chinese Limited
  • Joint Chinese Limited
  • Joint Chinese Limited
  • Joint Chinese Limited
  • Joint Chinese Limited
Joint Chinese Limited
  • Main Products
    electric toothbrush
  • Total Employees
    300 peoples
  • Plant Area
    10000 Square meter(s)
  • Annual Output Value
    $0.22 millions
  • Production Capacity
    electric toothbrush 500000 Unit(s) /Month
    • electric toothbrush
      500000 Unit(s)/Month
  • License No.
  • Address
    Building 4 & Building 6, Huafeng Technology Park, Guangtian Road, Luotian Community, Songgang, Songan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Business Description
Welcome to Joint Chinese Limited

About Joint Chinese Ltd
Established in 2004, Joint Chinese Ltd is a professional OEM & ODM manufacturer and exporter integrating the R&D, production, distribution and service of At-Home beauty Care Healthy care , Personal care . With the rapid development under strict standards of ISO9001, ISO13485, and ISO140001 and BSCI as well as FDA, CE, FCC, BQB certified, now we have 3 affiliated companies with a total area of 15,000 square meters. Our factory is well with all production workshops such as molding, plastic injection, SMT, silk screen printing, painting spray, metal processing, final assembly and packaging, which enable all steps to be well controlled in house and guarantee total customer satisfaction. Thanks to our strong R&D team and technology supports from our Japanese partner, now new product development and customization are our main business now! To us, beauty and functionality, form and efficiency, and innovation and durability, are key values for our product development. Our OEM & ODM services are well received by many companies such as CVS, LIDL, TCHIBO, Seiko, Tanita, Yamasa, A&D, Citizen, Mannings, CMCC, Toshiba, etc.We aim to become a leading company in personal health, beauty and medical field and devote to bringing people a scientific, healthy and fashionable lifestyle. We are trying to realize the company vision that workers, clients and suppliers can improve and share success together.Contact us today! We are a professional ODM provider. "Innovation Creates Development and Future!"As a professional manufacturer of health, beauty and medical devices, OEM & ODM projects are our main business and strength now. Our R & D Team: We have technology supports from Japan. our services are well received by such brand companies as CVS. LIDL, TCHIBO, Yamasa, Citizen, Tanita, Seiko, A&D, etc.

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